And the crumble was born.

Right back in 1940 the world was immersed in the World War II. The British population, though with enough goods “traveling” their way to the shores, had to face reality. The crude reality of German submarines knocking down the cargo ships to weaken the enemy and starve civilians. With that situation in its hands the Ministry of Food decided to apply the rationing system which would make sure that the few goods arriving were able to suffice the population in the long years of fight. It did not happen all at once. First the rationing applied to bacon, butter and sugar. Then tea, jam, cheese and eggs were put on ration. One year later, the rice, and the list went on as the years went by.


With this system baking was almost an impossible matter…or it wasn’t? In fact that is exactly how crumble was born.

I can almost picture some clever woman behind this idea. Looking at her ration book and thinking how to make it through the week. Specially with little Timmy’s (John, Christine, Laura or Andrew) day coming.

Yes I know, this is war time and is quite superficial to consider birthday or any other celebration in such a moment, but aren’t the small happy things in everyday life the ones that help us get through in the toughest situations?

It helps me to imagine her. To think that during such terrible times there was still someone with a “go” attitude among all the pain and desperation. And that makes her a hero in my eyes.

Berries Crumble

200 g mixed berries

30 g oats

20 g hazelnuts (chopped)

20 g pecans (chopped)

70 g brown sugar

100 g flour

50 g softened butter

Mix the berries with 20g of brown sugar. Set aside.

Mix flour, the rest of the sugar, butter, oats, hazelnuts and pecans. Place the berries inside a baking pan, cover with the mixture and bake for 25 minutes at 200°C.

Serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream


Thanks for reading 🙂


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