A South Indian Delight – Masala Dosa


I have to admit I was hesitant about Indian food. The spices, the flavours…specially since I am not too fond of highly flavoured dishes. It is not that I like my food bland, but an upset stomach was not included in my idea of a romantic getaway.

I approached my first meal in Bangalore with a bit of fear but the day went through without much of a culinary shock ( french toast and coffee for breakfast, chicken and rice for lunch, and I cannot really remember dinner aside from the fact that there was some salad involved ).

The next morning I decided to make S. a little happy by trying a local speciality that was being cooked beautifully in one of the show cooking stations at the breakfast buffet: Masala Dosa with Sambhar.

He warned me about the sambhar but I decided to still try and BUM! Love at first bite!

The crispness of the dosa stuffed with creamy masala potatoes was spectacularly combined with the right amount of spice, the perfect kick given by the sambhar.


They served it with different types of chutney, but my absolutely favourite was the coconut chutney, a bit sweet and a bit spicy. In a word AMAZING. I could eat it every day, all the time. I could eat buckets and buckets of it. What an extraordinary and surprising flavour.

My guy was so worried that I did not like the food, that I got sick in such a protective yet sweet and romantic way, that he was quite shocked of my last breakfast in the city. Oh well, I know I over ate but what can I say, it was the very last breakfast, might as well make it count! My plate consisted in two delicious dosas with lots of coconut chutney and a small bowl of sambhar to go with it…and guess it? There was still chutney on the plate so I absolutely had to have some poori to finish it up.

I leaned back on my chair trying to memorize the whole flavour combination, wanting to lock it inside my brain forever as I had done with every moment I lived there.

That night, as the plane took off in the middle of the cloudy sky I admitted to myself, that India had not only captivated my heart, but also my palate.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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