Love in times of Skype

I have often read about how much better it is to cope with long distance relationships nowadays with instant texting availiable to everybody and also video calls. When you can talk as much as you want because there are wonderful apps with free online phone services…well let me tell you this. It is crap.

In the times of “connection” when every single coffee shop, hotel or store we get into has a wi-fi sign, when we freak out and hold our phones moving them around searching for the signal, when we buy the device depending on its online characteristics….when we are connected at most, ironically is when we bond the less.

I remember being 20 years old. I was also in a long distance relationship and it was also hard as they all are. The best moment of the week was when the mail arrived. I mean postman kind of mail folks! I remember waiting by the window because I was so anxious to get something and holding my breath when he stopped by…and rushing down the stairs (we are talking six floors without elevator here) and seeing the letter there….for me.

There is something amazingly romantic about regular mail. When you get one of them you instantly feel special. It is not only that someone has taken the time and energy to write to you, it is that they have also had to go get the paper, the envelope, the stamp, go to a post office to send it…it is extra work, and it is extra caring.

I absolutely love them. But people dont write letters anymore….they are impatient.

When I read one of those vintage letters I would sit and read carefully, and laugh sometimes and cry sometimes and yes…I would get horny sometimes too. The point is….I paid attention because it was important, because it was our only way to bond. Yes there were also phone calls, but it was so expensive back then that they were once each two weeks or three, so when they happened WOW! Time stopped.

Now we text with one hand and we keep doing what we were doing with the other. There is no extra effort and still we have the false impression that we “talk” all the time. How could this be? When did we start replacing the voice of somebody telling you good morning to “Gm” ? Is whatsapp meant to kill the romantic side we all have within?

I refuse to admit it will. It depends on us, doesn’t it?

I dare you all, I dare all the people in love or romantic relationships to text less, to share more, to talk for real about things, to write it down on paper if you are far, to use skype to have dinner together or a date if you cannot be physically together. I dare you to listen, to pay attention, I dare you to look for sweet new ways to express what you feel.

I dare you all to make it count. The moment is now.

Thanks for reading



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