Before the storm…

…and they said goodbye like they had said it so many other times before.  Goodbye until the next trip, the next chance meeting. She held back her tears as the taxi pulled away, with a mix of hope and sadness. Deep inside she knew it was not real, deep inside she had been feeling him slipping away for many months, but she chose the wishful thought of “this too shall pass”.


Do all romantic relationships have a due date?  How come we don’t tell our friends  “I’m sorry but I cannot see you again, I just don’t feel the spark of your friendship anymore”. Why our friendships or family relationships are born to last and our love ones are not? What is the difference?

I think I have argued with my best friend in more occasions than I have with my partners, but there she is and there I am, still caring, still with the same bond after more than 30 years. What does it have that love doesn’t have?

I think with friends and family we are totally ourselves, we speak up. With lovers we do most of times but…other times we simply hold back. We hold back because we worry about saying something that might hurt, we hold back because we are afraid of losing that person, we want things to be perfect and we work on them, because any giving day, your loved one can fall out of love, out of patience with your grouchy moments, out of laughter at your jokes, and so can you and all those moments will be closer to none.

…she looked at the back of the taxi as it drove getting lost in London dawn and she felt a weird calmness invading her. The calm before the storm.


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